Matkailu- ja vapaa-ajantutkimuksen symposium

Suomen matkailututkimusen seura järjestää joka kevät matkailu- ja vapaa-ajantutkimuksen symposiumin, jonka paikka kiertää ympäri Suomea. Symposiumiin ovat tervetulleita kaikki matkailututkimusta tekevät, sitä hyödyntävät ja siitä kiinnostuneet henkilöt. Symposiumiin osallistuvien toivotaan alustavan, mutta myös pelkkä osallistuminen on täysin mahdollista.

HUOM!  Covid19-tilanteen johdosta symposium siirretään kevääseen 2021. Symposium järjestetään siis seuraavan kerran Turun Seilissä 25.–27.5.2021. Tapahtuma toteutetaan hybridinä tilanteesta johtuen. Symposiumin ohessa järjestetään myös PhD-jakso 24.-25.5.2021.

Due to the Covid19 situation, the symposium is postponed and will be organized on Seili Island on 25.-27.5.2021. The event will be organised as hybrid -event. The doctoral seminar takes place on 24.–25.5.2021 in Turku.

The submitted abstracts will be automatically accepted but the authors can. of course, withdraw their abstracts. Also, new abstracts can be submitted until March 7th 2021 after which the new program will be published.

Registration link will be added in the spring!

The XIII Symposium of Finnish Tourism and Leisure Research

Tourism in crisis?

We warmly invite you to the Symposium of Finnish Tourism and Leisure Research 2021 organized on May 25-27 at the Archipelago Research Institute on the Seili Island, in Parainen. The symposium is organized by the Finnish Society for Tourism Research jointly with the Turku School of Economics and the Biodiversity Unit, University of Turku.

The theme for the symposium is “Tourism in crisis?”

Global tourism continues its steady growth and it seems very likely that, in the next decade, the estimated amount of 1.8 billion global tourists will be reached. At the same time, the future of tourism is more uncertain than ever before. Climate change and the biodiversity crisis are intensively discussed in the media, and climate anxiety has become a widespread experience among the public and also tourists. The term “flight shame” has been introduced and overtourism continues to harm various top destinations. In addition, the possibility of the global financial crisis, political instability and terrorism cast shadows over tourism development in the future.

The Symposium aims to examine the nature of crises in tourism and, especially, whether tourism is in crisis – or not? Participants are welcome to present both state-of-the-art empirical and conceptual research papers providing the basis for constructive and inspiring sessions. The range of sub-topics related to the theme of “Tourism in crisis?” includes:

  • Tourism and global climate change
  • Opportunities and challenges in tourism development
  • Sustainability and responsibility in tourism development
  • Tourism and leisure behavior and experiences
  • Tourism entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Digitalization and AI in tourism
  • Stakeholder engagement and co-creation of tourism
  • Marketing and communication of tourism services
  • Sustainability labels and certifications
  • Demand for responsible tourism services and the role of consumers
  • Understanding the impacts of tourist activities
  • The role of interpretation in tourism
  • Monitoring, measuring, and evaluation of tourism strategies
  • Theoretical and methodological approaches for assessing tourism
  • Other current topics in tourism research and education

We invite authors to submit an abstract for consideration by the scientific committee of the symposium. Please send the abstracts to juulia.raikkonen(a) by no later than January 31st 2021. Abstracts should be 200-300 words in length, written in Times New Roman (12), double-spaced and with references in APA format. Please include your full name and contact information below the title. Abstracts can be submitted in English or in Finnish.

Preliminary program

Monday 24th -Tuesday 25th May: Doctoral seminar
Doctoral seminar in Turku (Monday at 12-18, Tuesday at 8.30-10.30)
More information coming soon

Tuesday 25th May 2021
At 11.00  Turku-Seili, Symposium opening (+ board meeting)
At 17.30  Social programme begins

Wednesday 26th May 2021
At 9.30, Symposium day 2 start
At 16.30 Social programme starts

Thursday 27th May 2021
At 9.00, Session
At 11.30, Seili–Turku, Symposium closing (In Turku at about 13.00)

This is Seili:  (Find Seili Island just next to Nauvo)


Aiemmat symposiumit

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